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About Nicole Bonnie

Nicole Bonnie has dedicated her professional life to creating sustainable change at the systemic level in child welfare. In 2019, she was named the first Black CEO in the history of Ontario Children’s Aid Societies and in the province’s child welfare sector. She was also awarded with the Woman Worth Watching award in 2018 for her work in advancing diversity and equity through organizational change.  Much like her approach to front line services and management practice, Nicole’s leadership style is courageous and innovative, with a commitment to equity excellence. Her focus has been on supporting the strategic implementation, alignment, and integration of equity frameworks across the organizations where she works. She has championed prevention strategies through community development and addressing service disparities to marginalized identities.

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The work that Nicole champions aims to challenge and dismantle systemic oppression that impact Black and marginalized communities.   She has been a fierce advocate of change and transformation. Her work focuses on leadership, system and practice change with a recognition of having both a macro and micro approach.  Nicole is focused simultaneously on addressing systemic issues and the practical practice change the individual level. Her employment and consulting practice has spanned across multiple public sectors including child welfare, education, criminal justice, adult / children mental health and post secondary institutions.  she has garnered national and international attention, as evidenced by her membership on the Child Welfare League of Canada’s Board of Directors, and her presentations / trainings in Canada, the United States, Ireland, Trinidad, and the Dominican Republic.

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